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Nadia White

Aliases: Ariel Adore

Country: United States

Born: October 6, 1987

Eye: Grey

Hair: Black

Height: 160 cm

Weight: 49 kg

Boobs: Natural

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Nadia White is a pornstar who has an interesting story. Nadia has been around for quite a while but has only been in about 25 porn movies on a professional level. The other flicks she has done tend to be fun fetish clips. She is also a part of the Indie Movie scene appearing in some films. She also loves to compete in Eating competitions. Shes originally from Frederick, Maryland. ><br> Nadia has sexy blonde hair and a cute widows peak. Her blue eyes seem to have the ability to pierce through just about anything or anyone, and her gaze alone might be enough to give you a big boner. She is a talented girl who has actually acted in a few mainstream horror films. Perhaps thats why she is so excited about shooting fetish clips where she gets to play different characters and use her acting abilities while having sexy fun. > Ms. White stands 54 tall and weighs about 118lbs. Her glorious 34Fs are just beautiful, as is her 25inch waist and her 36inch ass. Shes got a few tattoos and piercings, so she is not one to shy away from a bit of pain as long as it leads to pleasure. Speaking of which: Nadia has done some hot BDSM films. She likes to get tied up and get challenged with predicaments. Thats why you can see her on some of the top BDSM sites of the day!

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