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Amber Rayne

Alias: Amber Rain

Nazione: United States

Nata: 1984-09-19

Occhio: Brown

Capelli: Brown

Altezza: 160 cm

Il peso: 50 kg

Tette: Natural

I più visti: 682

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Years active: 2005 - present. Winner AVN Award - 2009: Winner of 2009 XCRO Show award: Unsung Siren
2010 AVN Award Nominee - Female Performer of the Year

Nationality/Heritage: Irish/Scottish/Native American

Rayne collapsed and died at her home in Los Angeles, California on April 2, 2016. In late June 2016, the Los Angeles County Department of Medical Examiner-Coroner’s office announced that her death was caused by an accidental drug overdose through the consumption of a combination of cocaine and alcohol.

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